Domestic or Private Household Wages Dec 2018 - Nov 2019

You are reading this if Thomas is your gardener or Elizabeth is your domestic worker that's giving you grey hair... or you forgot to register for UIF and now Thomas wants UIF :)

Click here to download the min wages applicable to Domestic workers for the period 1 December 2018 - 31 December 2018, then take note of the National Min Wages applicable for domestic employees, being R15 per hour as from 1 Jan 2019.

Please take into consideration that the National Min Wage overrules all Sectoral Determinations if the wage rate in a Sectoral Determination at 1 Jan 2019 is lower than the National Min Wage. 

Please ensure that you always go back to basics and read the Domestic Sector Determination, which will explain all applicable legislation for domestic workers. If all of that sounds like Hebrew to you, rather contact us.

Do yourself a favor and don't use the standard contract of employment that the Dept. of Labour supplies for domestic workers. We don't say this because there is anything wrong with the Dept Contracts, it simply does not utilize legislation to its utmost. Just one example; the act states "The employer may not require the employee to work overtime, Sundays or Public holidays, unless agreed upon", so the Dept of Labour contract states just this and if you want your domestic to sometimes work overtime/ Public holidays/Sundays the standard contract does not include such agreement. It's actually as simple as including in your contract a clause that states it is AGREED upon. We have a fabulous solution if you are in need of contracts, so pop us a mail.

Also note that all Domestic Employers should register their employees with the Dept of Labour. Click here to download the application for registration as a domestic employer. Also add the UI19 form, which should accompany the Application form.   If you are one of those employers that's only waking up now and smelling the coffee... Don't spill the coffee in anxiety about your lack of registration - it can be fixed!  Again - you are welcome to contact us.

You can also download a range of "basic" guides from the Dept. of Labour site with regards to Private Household/Domestic worker legislation

Always take "basic guides" with guidance from a professional.