Wholesale and Retail Min wages Jan 2019 and Finally new Sectoral Wages applicable from 2 August 2019

So if you are buying and selling (Wholesale or retail) or if you are engaged in activities that requires merchandising, warehousing or distribution operations, you fall under the Wholesale and Retail Sectoral Determination.Whether you own a corner superette or own Pick and Pay.... this legislation applies to you!

The long awaited Sectoral Determination has been released and signed off 2 August 2019. Download the min wages for wholesale and retail sector from 1 Aug 2019 till the National Min Wage is adjusted again in Jan 2020 by clicking here.

The new sectoral determination was due to be released before end Feb 2019, however this did not take place. The National Minimum wage became applicable 1 January 2019, whereby all employees should have been increased to R20 per hour. As from 2 August 2019 all employees who is on higher skills levels, have new wage rates and should be implemented immediately.

Make sure you read the Sectoral Determination scope of application and also ensure that you read all updates.